Many teams have adopted a Test Automation Pyramid. It models the three different levels of automation—User Interface Test (UI), API Testing and Unit Tests.

Unit Tests has the largest percentage of the automation testing. Its approach focuses on testing the smallest parts of a software or application, called units, to determine if they function properly. This pinpoints the failures in the units of the software and reduces the number of bugs released during deployment.

After running all of the unit tests and they pass, API Testing can be executed. It involves tests of the application programming interfaces (APIs) to see if all the components meet the standards for functionality, reliability, performance and security. Here tests can be done faster, you'll have fewer problems and easier maintenance.

The last level of the pyramid is the User Interface Tests (UI Tests). The tests done here make sure that the user interface itself works properly. In this test, it is important to execute the most critical tests and run manual and exploratory tests.

This new level of strategic testing can offer gold coast solutions that delivers results and improved ROI.

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